Golden Jubilee 1971-2021 (IASP)

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About ISAP

The existence of IASP was the result of a long-felt need to have a professional association for Indian demographers, which got materialised during 1970 with necessary guidance, encouragement and active support of Prof Ashok Mitra and Shri A. Chandra Sekhar, successive Registrar Generals and Census Commissioners of India. The association was registered in February 1971 under the name of Indian Association for the Study of Population (IASP). The first ad-hoc Executive Committee (EC) was formed with Prof. Ashok Mitra as President and Prof. Ashish Bose as General Secretary. Demography India, the professional journal of the IASP, was registered in 1972. The first seminar of the association was conducted at IEG, Delhi, to discuss the results of the 1971 census. The duly elected Executive Committee took over in 1973, and the first fullfledged conference of IASP was held at the International Institute of Population Science (IIPS), Mumbai. Since then, IASP has been regularly conducting annual conferences across India.


To its credit, the IASP hosted the XXI General Conference of IUSSP at Delhi in Sept 1989 and again would be hosting the same during Dec 5-10, 2021.